Infinity Plus


  1. dri flip
  2. hydro dyn
  3. locale
  4. tec disintegration
  5. co runna
  6. spear
  7. climaLITE
  8. bakk
  9. posture
  10. FLUXX
  11. body content

Heavy and minimal genre-voyeurism. Melbourne’s Justin Cantrell, in his label debut as rituals., is exacting in his discomforting agenda. Deviating from his drenched habitat of tape-manipulated, self-released work, Infinity Plus resets into an immersive, decaying narrative of digital isolation.

In this zone of reluctant subversion, we find Cantrell meandering, suspiciously casual, into sonic collapse. Infinity Plus is clear in it’s intent - observing trends through a broken lens, remarking at the banality, yet ultimately surrendering into a transient obscura.

Artwork and video accompaniment by Rachael Archibald.
Available 21st April 2015 in Cassette & Digital formats.