Dylan Michél
Touched by an Angel


  1. Alejandro's Room
  2. If u Want 2
  3. Smelling Salts
  4. Did It Anyway
  5. Touched
  6. Adult Contempt

A new release from Wooshie under his real name Dylan Michél, available as a pay what you feel download.

Expanding upon ideas from the Gil Michell collaboration. Touched by an Angel represents prior meditations, winning a pissing contest over his former self. Pervaded with acids of ghetto house and nihilist minimal wave, Michél’s meticulous biological rhythms robustly jenga at footwork.

Representing the foundation for a spate of output, Touched stands to the side of 2012’s Boyfriend Material, reduced to depraved stylistic throngings.

Release date: 12/08/2014